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DINGER, BARBARA       Married 1853       SHICK, SAMUEL
DINGER, BEATRICE       Married 1932       MCADAMS, GEORGE
DINGER, BEHM       Married 1919       HERITAGE, WALTER
DINGER, BELL       Married 1932       BARNHARD, SHERMAN
DINGER, BELL       Married 1932       BARNHART, SHERMAN
DINGER, BELL       Married 1932       BEARNHARD, SHERMAN
DINGER, BELL       Married 1919       STABLER, OSCAR
DINGER, BELLE       Married 1909       BROCIOUS, NEWTON
DINGER, BELLE       Married 1943       CAYLOR, JAMES
DINGER, BELLE       Married 1919       STABLER, OSCAR
DINGER, BENJAMIN       Married 1884       DEWEY, AMANDA
DINGER, BERTHA       Married 1933       DENISON, ARTHUR
DINGER, BERTHA       Married 1920       HUGHES, HARRY
DINGER, BERTHA       Married 1899       MARTIN, JOSEPH
DINGER, BERTHA       Married 1945       MILLER, WILLIAM
DINGER, BERTHA       Married 1995       REGER, BOBBY
DINGER, BESSIE       Married 1923       OLSON, CARL
DINGER, BETSEY'       Married 1861       SHAFFER, AMOS
DINGER, BETTY       Married 1966       ALSPAUGH, MICHAEL

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