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DINAN, II       Married 1106       NERODES, RADEGONDE
DINAN, II       Married 1087       NERONDES, ORIELDIS
DINAN, II       Married 1087       NERONDES, RADEGONDE
DINAN, II       Married 1135       PENTHIEVRE, ELEANOR
DINAN, II       Married 1049       RADEGONDE, UNKNOWN
DINAN, II       Married 1087       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
DINAN, III       Married 1992       MURRAY, STEPHANIE
DINAN, III       Married 1144       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
DINAN, II_DE       Married 1118       BRITTANY, ALINORE
DINAN, II_DE       Married 1118       DINAN, GUNNOR
DINAN, IV       Married 1340       CRAON, JEANNE
DINAN, JACQUES       Married 1435       ROHAN, CATHERINE
DINAN, JAMES       Married 1948       CAREW, VIRGINIA
DINAN, JAMES       Married 1859       CENSUS, SPELLED
DINAN, JAMES       Married 1899       LEONARD, SARAH
DINAN, JAMES       Married 1922       ROBBINS, MARY
DINAN, JANE       Married 1945       OVERMAN, EDWARD
DINAN, JANINE       Married 1993       PAGANELLI, JOSEPH
DINAN, JEREMIAH       Married 1872       COBORN, KATE

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