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DINAN, DE       Married 1158       VITRE, ROBERT
DINAN, DE       Married 1158       VITREI, ROBERT
DINAN, DE       Married 1155       VITRIE, ROBERT
DINAN, DE       Married 1139       VITRÉ, ROBERT
DINAN, DE       Married 1155       WARENNE, FULK
DINAN, DEBORAH       Married 1874       OLEARY, JOHN
DINAN, DELORES       Married 1945       OVERMAN, EDWARD
DINAN, DE_LE       Married 1218       MARSHALL, RICHARD
DINAN, DE_LE_DINAN_OR       Married 1218       MARSHALL, RICHARD
DINAN, DIANNE       Married 1975       TERRELL, JAMES
DINAN, DINAN       Married 1393       LOVEL, PHILLIPA
DINAN, DINAN       Married 1222       MARSHALL, RICHARD
DINAN, DINAN       Married 1379       MONTAGU, ELEANOR
DINAN, DINAN       Married 1277       VERE, ISABELLE
DINAN, DINANT       Married 1215       MARSHAL, RICHARD
DINAN, DINANT       Married 1219       MARSHAL, RICHARD
DINAN, DININ       Married 1861       SMYTHE, ROBERT
DINAN, DOUGLAS       Married 1928       MUZEROLLE, AGNES
DINAN, DUANE       Married 1990       MARTELL, SHERRIE
DINAN, DUNCAN       Married 1895       JARDINE, MABLE

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