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DINAN, ALAN       Married 1118       BRITTANY, ALINORE
DINAN, ALAN       Married 1124       BRITTANY, ELEANOR
DINAN, ALAN       Married 1118       DINAN, GUNNOR
DINAN, ALBERT       Married 1932       GANNON, ISABELLE
DINAN, ALICE       Married 1924       HALE, CHARLES
DINAN, ALIX       Married 1275       GUESCLIN, GUILLAUME
DINAN, AMMON       Married 0922       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
DINAN, ANDREW       Married 1930       SMITH, IMOGINE
DINAN, ANITA       Married 1946       BOYCE, WILLIAM
DINAN, ANN       Married 1887       BOUCHER, JOSEPH
DINAN, ANN       Married 1895       HINSBERGER, JOSEPH
DINAN, ANN       Married 1991       OVERLOCK, ALEXANDER
DINAN, ANNE       Married 1895       BURKE, AUSTIN
DINAN, ANNE       Married 1139       VITRÉ, ROBERT
DINAN, ANNE       Married 1994       YORK, THOMAS
DINAN, ANNIE       Married 1909       QUINN, MICHAEL
DINAN, AYMON       Married 1006       DOL, ROIANTELINE
DINAN, BENEDICTA       Married 1953       CHAISSON, JAMES
DINAN, BERNADETTE       Married 1934       DELANO, JAMES

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