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DINA, SAMUEL       Married 1787       MIRANDA, JOSEPH
DINA, SAMUEL       Married 1794       SAQUI, JEUDIT
DINA, SEVERO       Married 1982       LOPEZ, ANGIE
DINA, TODD       Married 1991       KITCHEN, ELIZABETH
DINA, WOUDINA       Married 1883       VREDEVELD, ALBERT
DINABURSKY, LEYA       Married 1868       LIDOVSKY, LEYB
DINABURSKY, MENASHE       Married 1868       TAMSHE, CHANA
DINABURSKY, MOSHE       Married 1868       UNKNOWN, SARA
DINAGGIO, TIMOTHY       Married 1992       BEARDEN, CONNIE
DINAH, ANN       Married 1819       HERBERT, JAMES
DINAH, CHRISTINA       Married 1837       ENGLE, SOLOMON
DINAH, DE       Married 1815       MARTINEZ, HANAH
DINAH, DIANA       Married 1777       HEPPLE, ROBERT
DINAH, DIANAH       Married 1788       DUCKETT, JOSEPH
DINAH, DIANNA       Married 1850       MULVANEY, HIRAM
DINAH, DINA       Married 1718       HUNT, RALPH
DINAH, DINAH       Married 1635       GOODRICH, RICHARD
DINAH, DURAH       Married 1661       MORSE, JOHN
DINAH, FINCH       Married 1850       BERRY, HENRY

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