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DINA, ANTHONY       Married 1996       CHURCH, JEAN
DINA, BEREN       Married 1883       HEYERMAN, HENDRICK
DINA, BESSAINT       Married 1829       CHRISTIAAN, DE
DINA, BRECIA       Married 1994       CUELLAR, AGUSTIN
DINA, DE       Married 1787       MIRANDA, JOSEPH
DINA, DENA       Married 1850       HEIEN, ALJET
DINA, DIANA       Married 1777       HICKEY, EDWARD
DINA, DUROJAIVE       Married 1977       DINA, HAZEL
DINA, DUROJAIYE       Married 1977       WILLIS, HAZEL
DINA, ESTER       Married 1787       MIRANDA, JOSEPH
DINA, ESTHER       Married 1787       NUNES MIRANDA, JOSEPH
DINA, FLORENCE       Married 1966       DE, VARONA
DINA, GAETANO       Married 1891       ROCCO, BENEDETTO
DINA, HAZEL       Married 1977       DINA, DUROJAIVE
DINA, JESSIE       Married 1902       ARCH, HENRY
DINA, JOHN       Married 1987       SILVA, WANNE
DINA, JOSEPH       Married 1943       COE, MAIZIE
DINA, JOSEPH       Married 1952       NAFZIGER, ELSIE
DINA, LAURA       Married 1966       DE, VARONA      
DINA, MICHAEL       Married 1999       FAUGHT, ROBIN

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