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DIMOCK, OLIVER       Married 1764       GURLEY, SARAH
DIMOCK, OR       Married 1686       CHIPMAN, BETHIA
DIMOCK, ORA       Married 1907       MEIGS, FREDERICK
DIMOCK, ORINDA       Married 1883       SWEET, EBER
DIMOCK, OTIS       Married 1810       KEENEY, WEALTHY
DIMOCK, PARKINSON       Married 1843       BROWN, EDWARD
DIMOCK, PAUL       Married 1938       GAGNON, PAULINE
DIMOCK, PAUL       Married 1926       KEGERREIS, HARRIET
DIMOCK, PAUL       Married 1926       KEGERREIS, VETA
DIMOCK, PAYNE       Married 1790       PRITCHARD, MAMRE
DIMOCK, PAYNE       Married 1807       PRITCHARD, MAMRE
DIMOCK, PERCY       Married 1909       GRAY, FLORENCE
DIMOCK, PETRICAU       Married 1876       GOODRODE, MARY
DIMOCK, PHOEBE       Married 1937       MURPHY, WINFRED
DIMOCK, POLCENA       Married 1860       PIPER, CHARLES
DIMOCK, POLLIE       Married 1860       PIPER, CHARLES
DIMOCK, RALPH       Married 1909       BISSETT, INA
DIMOCK, RALPH       Married 1927       BRASH, EDITH
DIMOCK, RALPH       Married 1831       ROBERTSON, MARY

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