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DIMOCK, LORETTA       Married 1930       WORDEN, HERMAN
DIMOCK, LOT       Married 1760       GURLEY, HANNAH
DIMOCK, LOT       Married 1776       LEONY, LUCY
DIMOCK, LOUISA       Married 1918       WAGSTAFF, GEORGE
DIMOCK, LOUISE       Married 1923       SIMONS, WALTER
DIMOCK, LOVINA       Married 1815       COGSWELL, HARRY
DIMOCK, LOVINA       Married 1841       KNOWLES, ASA
DIMOCK, LUCINDA       Married 1816       BENTON, ARIEL
DIMOCK, LUCINDA       Married 1853       DIMICK, HARRIS
DIMOCK, LUCINDA       Married 1789       GURLEY, ZENAS
DIMOCK, LUCY       Married 1823       FISH, WILLIAM
DIMOCK, LUCY_ANN       Married 1857       BISHOP, JOHN
DIMOCK, LUCY_ANN       Married 1835       STARRATT, GEORGE
DIMOCK, LUTHER       Married 1872       HARRIES, MARGARET
DIMOCK, LYDIA       Married 1832       SEARLE, LEONARD
DIMOCK, LYDIA       Married 2010       SEARLE, LEONARD
DIMOCK, LYDIA       Married 1805       SMITH, ISAIAH
DIMOCK, LYDIA       Married 1772       SWEET, BENONI
DIMOCK, LYMAN       Married 1859       DAY, WEALTHY
DIMOCK, LYMAN       Married 1832       HANNUM, CATHERINE

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