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DIMMITT, LUCILLE       Married 1944       FARRENS, VERNON
DIMMITT, LULY       Married 1911       SCHULTZ, AUGUST
DIMMITT, LURA       Married 1896       WINN, CHARLES
DIMMITT, LURA       Married 1945       ZIMMERMAN, GERALD
DIMMITT, LUTHER       Married 1872       SAMUEL, ELIZABETH
DIMMITT, LYDIA       Married 1795       DUCKWALL, JOSEPH
DIMMITT, LYDIA       Married 1800       DUCKWALL, JOSEPH
DIMMITT, LYDIA       Married 1829       TEAL, JACOB
DIMMITT, MABEL       Married 1938       MERMAN, EDWARD
DIMMITT, MADISON       Married 1845       COX, CAROLINE
DIMMITT, MADISON       Married 1850       PADGETT, MATILDA
DIMMITT, MAE       Married 1924       HUNT, HARVEY
DIMMITT, MAGGIE       Married 1890       WHITE, CARY
DIMMITT, MALLEY       Married 1862       COVER, ELIZABETH
DIMMITT, MARGARET       Married 1906       FERGUSON, SIMON
DIMMITT, MARIA       Married 1816       GATCH, PHILIP
DIMMITT, MARIA       Married 1825       HIXON, NATHAN
DIMMITT, MARIA       Married 1825       HIXSON, NATHAN
DIMMITT, MARIAH       Married 1816       CONRAD, JACOB

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