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DIMICK, ALBERT       Married 1861       WIMMER, ELIZA
DIMICK, ALEXANDER       Married 1823       FULLERTON, MISS
DIMICK, ALFRED       Married 1888       HARTFORD, OLIVIA
DIMICK, ALFRED       Married 1852       LEVERING, EMMA
DIMICK, ALFRED       Married 1873       MERVILLE, FANNY
DIMICK, ALFRED       Married 1873       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
DIMICK, ALFRED       Married 1888       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
DIMICK, ALFRED       Married 1890       WALP, ADELAIDE
DIMICK, ALICE       Married 1931       BENSON, FRANK
DIMICK, ALICE       Married 1883       GRESS, HARRY
DIMICK, ALICE       Married 1951       JONES, FORREST
DIMICK, ALICE       Married 1912       KING, ELMER
DIMICK, ALICE       Married 1912       PEPPER, WILLIAM
DIMICK, ALICE       Married 1981       PRICE, REECE
DIMICK, ALICE       Married 1881       RESSER, WILLIAM
DIMICK, ALICE       Married 1940       WAGNER, ELMER
DIMICK, ALMA       Married 1897       EVANS, CELIA
DIMICK, ALMAR       Married 1920       CALVERT, JO
DIMICK, ALPHEUS       Married 1818       CARR, MARIA

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