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DILTS, PAUL       Married 1950       BARTEL, LINDA
DILTS, PAUL       Married 1811       SHARP, SARAH
DILTS, PAUL       Married 1918       WYCKOFF, MABEL
DILTS, PEARL       Married 1941       CAMPBELL, JOHN
DILTS, PENDLETON       Married 1898       RALSTON, SARAH
DILTS, PERRY       Married 1848       RUSSELL, NANCY
DILTS, PETER       Married 1811       COULTER, JANE
DILTS, PETER       Married 1843       EWING, MARY
DILTS, PETER       Married 1728       KAES, ANNA
DILTS, PETER       Married 1825       KINTER, SARAH
DILTS, PETER       Married 1791       MATTHEWS, ELIZABETH
DILTS, PETER       Married 1814       RENTFROW, MARY
DILTS, PHILIPP       Married 1764       HOFFMAN, MARY
DILTS, PHOREST       Married 1935       JORDAN, FERN
DILTS, POLLY'       Married 1857       DODDS, JOHN
DILTS, PRALL       Married 1887       FIELDS, LIZZIE
DILTS, PRESTON       Married 1862       HOLINGHEAD, CARRIE
DILTS, PRESTON       Married 1873       WOODS, SUSIE
DILTS, RACHEL       Married 1906       BOWCUTT, THOMAS
DILTS, RACHEL       Married 1790       EGBERT, PAULPUELES

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