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DILLIE, ISRAEL       Married 1855       EMMONS, MARTILDA
DILLIE, JAMES       Married 1952       DILLIE, HELYN
DILLIE, JANE       Married 1888       CESSNA, FRANCIS
DILLIE, JANE       Married 1889       FLEMING, EDWARD
DILLIE, JANE       Married 1861       MCDONALD, ROYAL
DILLIE, JANE       Married 1885       POWELL, THOMAS
DILLIE, JANE       Married 1877       WILDER, UNKNOWN
DILLIE, JEAN       Married 1919       GRAVES, JENNINGS
DILLIE, JENNIE       Married 1861       MCDONALD, ROYAL
DILLIE, JENNIFER       Married 1998       RUTH, LEWIS
DILLIE, JOHN       Married 1892       GREENLEE, MARTHA
DILLIE, JULIA       Married 1908       EALY, JAMES
DILLIE, KATE       Married 1913       BIRD, HENRY
DILLIE, KESIAH       Married 1802       RIGGS, JOSEPH
DILLIE, KESIAH       Married 1810       RIGGS, JOSEPH
DILLIE, KESIAH       Married 1811       RIGGS, JOSEPH
DILLIE, LAURA       Married 1904       PLYMIRE, SAMUEL
DILLIE, LOIS       Married 1935       TOLAND, ROY
DILLIE, LOUISE       Married 1942       WOOD, LLOYD
DILLIE, LUCIES       Married 1867       BLACK, SARAH

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