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DILLIE, ALBERT       Married 1924       LONG, MINNIE
DILLIE, ALICE       Married 1936       BUNCH, WILLIAM
DILLIE, ALICE       Married 1885       DENNIS, EE
DILLIE, ALICE       Married 1885       DENNIS, ELMER
DILLIE, ALICE       Married 1924       SITTLER, CHESTER
DILLIE, ALICE       Married 1976       STAUSHMUS, WALTER
DILLIE, ALLEN       Married 1934       REAMS, CHARLES
DILLIE, ALMOND       Married 1889       BLISS, CARRIE
DILLIE, ANN       Married 1850       HIBBS, AMOS
DILLIE, ANN       Married 1844       RORICK, WILLIAM
DILLIE, ANNA       Married 1905       WILKINSON, STEWARD
DILLIE, BELLE       Married 1891       STUTZMAN, SIMON
DILLIE, BERTIE       Married 1904       PLYMIRE, SAMUEL
DILLIE, BETSY       Married 1844       HIBBS, NATHAN
DILLIE, BETTIE       Married 1871       LINK, DANIEL
DILLIE, BLANCHE       Married 1946       PETTIT, FRANK
DILLIE, BOSS       Married 1935       COTTERILL, BLANCHE
DILLIE, BUHL       Married 1892       ANDERSEN, HEDVIG
DILLIE, BUHL       Married 1892       ANDERSEN, HEDVINE
DILLIE, BURR       Married 1935       COTTERILL, BLANCHE

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