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DILLEHAY, EMILY       Married 1875       OLDHAM, HUGH
DILLEHAY, EMMA       Married 1867       OLDHAM, HUGH
DILLEHAY, EMMER       Married 1890       CAPLEY, WILLIAM
DILLEHAY, ENSLEY       Married 1875       MATHIS, HARRIET
DILLEHAY, ERNEST       Married 1919       WHITEUS, INEZ
DILLEHAY, ESKER       Married 1910       HADLEY, MINNIE
DILLEHAY, ESTHER       Married 1913       LINDSEY, MARQUIS
DILLEHAY, ETHEL       Married 1902       MCCLURE, BERT
DILLEHAY, ETTA       Married 1890       CAPLEY, WILLIAM
DILLEHAY, ETTA       Married 1943       TIPPINS, CHARLES
DILLEHAY, EULA       Married 1932       SCHAFER, FREDRICK
DILLEHAY, EVERETT       Married 1909       MILLER, LETTIE
DILLEHAY, EZMA       Married 1904       MCDOWELL, CHARLES
DILLEHAY, EZMA       Married 1898       WINKLEPLECK, FRANK
DILLEHAY, FEE       Married 1893       WILSON, ROBERT
DILLEHAY, FLETCHER       Married 1902       CRAIG, JUANNE
DILLEHAY, FLOYD       Married 1908       CULVER, EDITH
DILLEHAY, FLOYD       Married 1916       SANDLIN, LYDIA
DILLEHAY, FORREST       Married 1910       ROGERS, MABLE

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