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DILL, LEROY       Married 1897       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
DILL, LEROY       Married 1948       VARNEY, THERESA
DILL, LES       Married 1920       HAMBY, MARY
DILL, LESA       Married 1979       DILL, JAMES
DILL, LESLIE       Married 1969       DILL, DENNIS
DILL, LESLIE       Married 1972       DILL, KENT
DILL, LESLIE       Married 1981       DILL, RODDY
DILL, LESLIE       Married 1990       GOMEZ, DAVID
DILL, LESLIE       Married 1981       HERNANDEZ, MIGUEL
DILL, LESLIE       Married 1982       LEE, CLARENCE
DILL, LESLYE       Married 1974       DILL, TERRY
DILL, LESTER       Married 1950       BOWER, WILMA
DILL, LESTER       Married 1912       DEWITT, ETTA
DILL, LESTER       Married 1919       HAMBY, MARY
DILL, LESTER       Married 1922       SELLERS, MARY
DILL, LETHE       Married 1860       HENRY, UNKNOWN
DILL, LETTICE       Married 1854       FAIRBANKS, JOSEPH
DILL, LETTICE       Married 1860       FAIRBANKS, JOSEPH
DILL, LETTIE       Married 1939       EDY, DONALD
DILL, LEUTWINUS       Married 1669       SHEPARD, THANKS

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