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DIAL, GLORIA       Married 1975       DIAL, JERRY
DIAL, GLYNN       Married 1992       DILLARD, AGNES
DIAL, GORDON       Married 1964       DIAL, JOAN
DIAL, GORDON       Married 1976       DIAL, NANCY
DIAL, GORDON       Married 1952       DYBALL, BETTY
DIAL, GORDON       Married 1976       PHILLIPS, NANCY
DIAL, GORE       Married 1844       DOUGLAS, GEORGE
DIAL, GRACE       Married 1906       DARE, ARTHUR
DIAL, GRACE       Married 1909       MCDONALD, ED
DIAL, GRACE       Married 1904       MORTIMER, WILLIAM
DIAL, GRACE       Married 1979       SANCTUARY, GEORGE
DIAL, GRACE       Married 1968       TAYLOR, THOMAS
DIAL, GRACI       Married 1991       SCOTT, KEVIN
DIAL, GRADY       Married 1913       DIAL, BESSIE
DIAL, GRADY       Married 1945       DIAL, EVELYN
DIAL, GRADY       Married 1913       GIBSON, BESSIE
DIAL, GRANT       Married 1886       MCBRIDE, AUNT
DIAL, GRANT       Married 1945       MITCHELL, COLLEEN
DIAL, GREEN       Married 1888       HARGETT, ALMA
DIAL, GREEN       Married 1848       NEWTON, MARY

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