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DIGGS, SIR       Married 1612       KEMPE, MARY      
DIGGS, SIR       Married 1600       KENT, LADY
DIGGS, SOLOMON       Married 1920       GADDY, MILLIE
DIGGS, SOLOMON       Married 1904       PORTER, LULA
DIGGS, SONYA       Married 1981       HEFNER, BILLY
DIGGS, SR       Married 1982       COPLEY, MATTIE
DIGGS, SR       Married 1996       FERGUSON, SHERRY
DIGGS, STACEY       Married 1993       FORD, RANDY
DIGGS, STAFFORD       Married 1827       DIGGS, SARAH
DIGGS, STAFFORD       Married 1827       UNKNOWN, SALLY
DIGGS, STELLA       Married 1938       NICKELL, HORACE
DIGGS, STEPHANIE       Married 1997       GIDDIN, MELVIN
DIGGS, STEPHANIE       Married 1990       PUTMAN, KEITH
DIGGS, STEPHEN       Married 1981       STANTON, JULIA
DIGGS, STEVEN       Married 1973       COX, JOSIE
DIGGS, STEVEN       Married 1997       DIGGS, JEANNIE
DIGGS, STEVEN       Married 1973       DIGGS, JOSIE
DIGGS, STEVEN       Married 1983       DIGGS, JOSIE
DIGGS, STEVEN       Married 2000       LOPEZ, JENNELLE
DIGGS, STEVEN       Married 1997       TOWNSEND, JEANNIE

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