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DIGGES, CORDELIA       Married 1832       BLACKWELL, JOHN
DIGGES, CYNTHIA       Married 1975       MCGILL, JERRY
DIGGES, DANIEL       Married 1764       BRENT, JANE
DIGGES, DANIEL       Married 1862       CAIN, CATHERINE
DIGGES, DANIEL       Married 1842       FORREST, JULEIMA
DIGGES, DANIEL       Married 1842       FORREST, ZULEIMA
DIGGES, DANIEL       Married 1856       GLASS, ELIZABETH
DIGGES, DANIEL       Married 1987       NEWTON, DOROTHY
DIGGES, DANNY       Married 1998       DIGGES, LYN
DIGGES, DE       Married 1220       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
DIGGES, DEBORAH       Married 1984       BRUNING, WILLIAM
DIGGES, DEBORAH       Married 1976       DIGGES, ROBIN
DIGGES, DEBORAH       Married 1927       TAYLOR, WILLIAM
DIGGES, DEBRA       Married 1971       DIGGES, WILLIAM
DIGGES, DEBRA       Married 1982       MALLORY, MICHAEL
DIGGES, DEBRA       Married 1927       TAYLOR, WILLIAM
DIGGES, DEMPSEY       Married 1935       DIGGES, PHILIP
DIGGES, DIGGS       Married 1677       HERNDON, WILLIAM
DIGGES, DIGGS       Married 1719       POWER, ELIZABETH
DIGGES, DOROTHY       Married 1800       DURRETT, MARSHALL

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