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DIGBY, EMILY       Married 1855       KELLY, SEABORN
DIGBY, EMILY       Married 1922       WOOD, ERNEST
DIGBY, EMMIE       Married 1862       BUXTON, EDWARD
DIGBY, ERNEST       Married 1904       ROBINSON, MARY
DIGBY, ESQ       Married 1518       PRESTWICHE, ROSE
DIGBY, ESSEX       Married 1916       PAGET, MARY
DIGBY, ESTELLE       Married 1900       ALEXANDER, JOSEPH
DIGBY, ESTELLE       Married 1904       BONNER, SMITH
DIGBY, ESTELLE       Married 1904       BONNER, THOMAS
DIGBY, ETHEL       Married 1981       DIGBY, GLEN
DIGBY, ETHEL       Married 1932       PAGEY, CHARLES
DIGBY, ETHEL       Married 1904       ROLT, HUBERT
DIGBY, ETHEL       Married 1929       TAYLOR, WILFRED
DIGBY, EVA       Married 1974       DIGBY, WILLIE
DIGBY, EVAN       Married 1942       ROSENOW, ETHEL
DIGBY, EVERARD       Married 1428       CLARK, AGNES
DIGBY, EVERARD       Married 1439       CLARK, AGNES
DIGBY, EVERARD       Married 1437       CLARK, ALICE
DIGBY, EVERARD       Married 1437       CLARKE, AGNES
DIGBY, EVERARD       Married 1440       CLARKE, AGNES

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