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DIEHL, MARTIN       Married 1909       TRAIL, MAUD
DIEHL, MARTIN       Married 1909       TRAIL, MAUDE
DIEHL, MARTIN       Married 1903       WARD, VIOLA
DIEHL, MARTIN       Married 1819       WEISS, JULIANNA
DIEHL, MARTINA       Married 1979       PATTERSON, JOHN
DIEHL, MARTINUS       Married 1743       AREM, MARIA
DIEHL, MARTINUS       Married 1712       CHRIST, ANNA
DIEHL, MARTINUS       Married 1744       KILB, CATHARINA
DIEHL, MARTINUS       Married 1732       KOHL, MARIA
DIEHL, MARTY       Married 1942       HAGUE, VICTOR
DIEHL, MARVIN       Married 1940       KIVETT, PEARLE
DIEHL, MARY       Married 1974       ALEXANDER, DENNIS
DIEHL, MARY       Married 1966       BACHER, LARRY
DIEHL, MARY       Married 1930       BAKER, EDWARD
DIEHL, MARY       Married 1865       BARTON, WILLIAM
DIEHL, MARY       Married 1870       BECHDEL, JAMES
DIEHL, MARY       Married 1940       BEER, KENNETH
DIEHL, MARY       Married 1841       BENDER, JOHANN
DIEHL, MARY       Married 1925       BENSON, ARTHUR

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