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DIEHL, KATHLEEN       Married 1981       SMITH, MARK
DIEHL, KATHRYN       Married 1973       BURSON, RONALD
DIEHL, KATHRYN       Married 1923       FOSBENNER, ISAAC
DIEHL, KATHRYN       Married 1896       LEGRON, HENRY
DIEHL, KATHRYN       Married 1935       MADDOX, LEO
DIEHL, KATHRYN       Married 1916       PEE, ERNEST
DIEHL, KATHRYN       Married 1974       POLK, JACK
DIEHL, KATHRYN       Married 1930       SIBEL, CHARLES
DIEHL, KATHRYN       Married 1985       THOMPSON, DENNIS
DIEHL, KATHY       Married 1981       DIEHL, CLARENCE
DIEHL, KATHY       Married 1974       LONSBURY, LOUIS
DIEHL, KATIE       Married 1877       AUSTIN, ALBEN
DIEHL, KATIE       Married 1877       AUSTIN, ALBION
DIEHL, KATIE       Married 1876       BILLINGS, CHARLES
DIEHL, KATIE       Married 1877       BILLINGS, CHARLES
DIEHL, KATIE       Married 1893       BRIER, WILLIAM
DIEHL, KATIE       Married 1898       BURKETT, WILLIAM
DIEHL, KATIE       Married 1888       GROY, JACOB
DIEHL, KATIE       Married 1907       JACOBOITZ, CHARLEY
DIEHL, KATIE       Married 1937       LONG, HENRY

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