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DIEBERT, JULIA       Married 1913       OAKMAN, SIDNEY
DIEBERT, KATHARINA       Married 1700       RODER, JOHANN
DIEBERT, LOUIS       Married 1894       DIETZ, KATIE
DIEBERT, LYDIA       Married 1894       AUGUSTINE, SAMUEL
DIEBERT, LYDIA       Married 1859       BOYER, SOLOMON
DIEBERT, MAGGIE       Married 1879       MITCHELL, PW
DIEBERT, MARGARET       Married 1800       WALLICK, JOHN
DIEBERT, MARIAN       Married 1906       SUPPES, GEORGE
DIEBERT, MARIE       Married 1907       MYERS, CHARLES
DIEBERT, MATILDA       Married 1850       MADDY, JOSEPH
DIEBERT, MICHAEL       Married 1761       MILLER, MARGARET
DIEBERT, MICHAEL       Married 1748       UBLE, ANNA
DIEBERT, MILTON       Married 1886       FANNING, FRANKIE
DIEBERT, MITILDA       Married 1850       MADDY, JOSEPH
DIEBERT, NORMA       Married 1940       FOLK, GEORGE
DIEBERT, PEARL       Married 1922       COREY, JOSEPH
DIEBERT, RALPH       Married 1951       DIEBERT, HELEN
DIEBERT, RALPH       Married 1936       ROWE, VIOLET
DIEBERT, REBECCA       Married 1886       BUSH, CHARLES
DIEBERT, ROBERT       Married 1984       MARCUS, CAROLYN

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