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DIDLAKE, M       Married 1838       MERRILL, MILDRED
DIDLAKE, MADISON       Married 1880       JOHNSON, LITTA
DIDLAKE, MARJORIE       Married 1949       CLAY, EUGENE
DIDLAKE, MARK       Married 2000       GRADY, MEAGAN
DIDLAKE, MARTHA       Married 1864       MILLER, GEORGE
DIDLAKE, MARY       Married 1851       CARR, CHARLES
DIDLAKE, MARY       Married 1783       GARRET, EDMOND
DIDLAKE, MARY       Married 1895       GODWIN, THOMAS
DIDLAKE, MARY       Married 1874       GUNN, WILLIAM
DIDLAKE, MARY       Married 1846       POSTON, EDWIN
DIDLAKE, MATTIE       Married 1864       MILLER, GEORGE
DIDLAKE, MERRILL       Married 1878       GRACE, ANNIE
DIDLAKE, MILDRED       Married 1811       BULLOCK, JAMES
DIDLAKE, MILDRED       Married 1919       THORNTON, HENRY
DIDLAKE, MILDRED       Married 1793       WALDEN, BENJAMIN
DIDLAKE, MILLER       Married 1912       WOFFORD, JULIA
DIDLAKE, MILLLER       Married 1912       WOFFORD, JULIA
DIDLAKE, MIRA       Married 1852       THURSTON, BATCHELOR
DIDLAKE, PHILIP       Married 1789       FALKNER, LUCY
DIDLAKE, ROBERT       Married 1790       BAKER, MARY

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