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D, A       to       D, ALICE
D, ALICE       to       D, ANNA
D, ANNA       to       D, BELLE
D, BENVINDA       to       D, CECILE
D, CECILLIA       to       D, D
D, DAISY       to       D, EDITH
D, EDITH       to       D, ELIZABETH
D, ELIZABETH       to       D, EMMA
D, EMMA       to       D, FRANCIS
D, FRANCIS       to       D, GUY
D, HANNAH       to       D, IDOMA
D, INA       to       D, JENNIE
D, JENNIE       to       D, JOHN
D, JOHN       to       D, JUSTE
D, K       to       D, LIZZIE
D, LIZZIE       to       D, LYMAN
D, M       to       D, MARIE
D, MARIE ANNE       to       D, MARY
D, MARY       to       D, MATTIE
D, MATTIE       to       D, MOSES
D, MOSES       to       D, OMA
D, ONOFRIO       to       D, POLINA
D, POLLY       to       D, SALLIE
D, SALLY       to       D, SELMA
D, SERENA       to       D, THOMAS

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