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CÔTÉ, ANNE       Married 1920       SAUCIER, GÉRARD
CÔTÉ, ANNE       Married 1948       SIMARD, ÉMILE
CÔTÉ, ANNETTE       Married 1956       MAGNA, JEAN
CÔTÉ, ANNE_M       Married 1924       COUTURE, SÉRAPHIN
CÔTÉ, ANNE_M       Married 1905       DIONNE, NAPOLÉON
CÔTÉ, ANNE_M       Married 1845       FOURNIER, FLAVIEN FABIEN
CÔTÉ, ANNE_M       Married 1947       LACHANCE, HERVÉ
CÔTÉ, ANNE_MARIE       Married 1938       AUCLAIR, HENRI
CÔTÉ, ANNE_MARIE       Married 1944       BOUCHARD, GÉRARD

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