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CYR, LYDIA       Married 1936       PITRE, JOSEPH
CYR, LYDIA       Married 1913       SIROIS, EMILE
CYR, LYLE       Married 1940       OLSON, VIRGINIA
CYR, LYNDA       Married 1991       BEAVERS, CARLOS
CYR, LYNDA       Married 1985       CYR, RODNEY      
CYR, LYNE       Married 1994       HEBERT, STEVEN
CYR, LYNN       Married 1994       COLLINS, MICHAEL
CYR, LYNN       Married 1990       JAMES, MITCHELL
CYR, LYNN       Married 1991       WETMORE, JAMES
CYR, LYNN       Married 1993       WILKINS, JOSEPH
CYR, LYNWOOD       Married 1938       HOLMES, GLENNA
CYR, LYNWOOD       Married 1961       WARMAN, DELORES
CYR, LÉA       Married 1899       NADEAU, DOSITHÉE
CYR, LÉANDRE       Married 1817       BOUDROT, SOPHIE
CYR, LÉANDRE       Married 1820       GAUDET, ANNE
CYR, LÉANDRE       Married 1842       VIGNEAU, MARIE
CYR, LÉANNA       Married 1919       LEBRUN, ADÉLARD
CYR, LÉDIA       Married 1893       BOISCLAIR, ERNEST
CYR, LÉO       Married 1947       CYR, DOLORES      
CYR, LÉO       Married 1925       LAMB, VIOLET      
CYR, LÉO       Married 1941       MCCORMICK, KATHERINE
CYR, LÉOCADE       Married 1857       PARADIS, OCTAVE
CYR, LÉOCADIE       Married 1860       ALBERT, DAVID
CYR, LÉON       Married 1933       BUJOLD, ALPHÉDA

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