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CYR, MABEL       Married 1957       BRALEY, ELWOOD
CYR, MABEL       Married 1918       BRUNELLE, FRANCOIS
CYR, MABEL       Married 1927       CURRY, THOMAS
CYR, MABEL       Married 1938       CYR, WILLIAM
CYR, MABEL       Married 1910       HUTT, JOHN      
CYR, MABEL       Married 1955       KIMBALL, WYMAN
CYR, MABEL       Married 1927       PELLETIER, IRENE
CYR, MABLE       Married 1933       DUBE, JOSEPH
CYR, MABLE       Married 1939       LABBE, EMIL      
CYR, MACK       Married 1943       CLAVETTE, JOSEPHINE
CYR, MACK       Married 1943       CYR, JOSEPHINE
CYR, MADALINE       Married 1943       MCLELLAN, ELWIN
CYR, MADELAINE       Married 1903       BEAULIEU, VITAL
CYR, MADELAINE       Married 1914       JARRY, HORMIDAS
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1792       ALBERT, ZACHARIE
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1792       AYOTTE, FRANCOIS
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1792       AYOTTE, ZACHARIE
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1807       BERGERON, FRANCOIS
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1764       BOURG, PIERRE
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1764       BOURG, PIERRE PAUL
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1794       BOURQUE, PIERRE
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1962       CHAMPAGNE, MARIUS
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1893       CYR, EDOUARD
CYR, MADELEINE       Married 1897       CYR, LEVITE

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