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CYR, FLORENCE       Married 1928       DUFOUR, ADDERSE
CYR, FLORENCE       Married 1946       DULAC, GEORGE
CYR, FLORENCE       Married 1918       HARPER, JAMES
CYR, FLORENCE       Married 1981       MORNEAULT, GARY
CYR, FLORENCE       Married 1906       REED, RALPH
CYR, FLORENCE       Married 1943       RITCHIE, HAROLD
CYR, FLORENCE       Married 1888       SAMPLE, NEWTON
CYR, FLORENCE       Married 1938       SANDERS, WALTER
CYR, FLORENCE       Married 1925       SWAN, ANDREW
CYR, FLORENT       Married 1884       MARTIN, JOSEPHINE
CYR, FLORENT       Married 1884       MARTIN, JOSÉPHINE
CYR, FLORENT       Married 1885       MARTIN, SUZANNE
CYR, FLORENT       Married 1923       SAUCIER, CATHERINE
CYR, FLORIDA       Married 1924       GALLANT, JÉRÉMIE
CYR, FLORINE       Married 1866       THIBODEAU, JOSEPH
CYR, FORTUNAT       Married 1909       ALBERT, EDITH
CYR, FORTUNAT       Married 1920       MARQUIS, MARIE
CYR, FORTUNAT       Married 1898       MARTIN, MAUDE
CYR, FORTUNAT       Married 1940       MICHAUD, JEANNE
CYR, FORTUNAT       Married 1935       PELLETIER, IMELDA
CYR, FRANCE       Married 1989       CARBONNEAU, WILLIAM
CYR, FRANCES       Married 1948       BIGNEY, FRED
CYR, FRANCES       Married 1948       BIGNEY, FREDERICK
CYR, FRANCES       Married 1982       CHAMBERLAIN, DAVID

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