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CYR, LÉVITE       Married 1897       CYR, MADELEINE
CYR, LÉVITE       Married 1907       LEE, SOPHIE
CYR, LÉVITE       Married 1898       MARTIN, ELÉONORE
CYR, LÉVITE       Married 1934       SAINDON, RÉGINA
CYR, M       Married 1755       BABIN, AMBROISE      
CYR, M       Married 1811       BERGERON, ANTOINE
CYR, M       Married 1946       GAGNON, JOSEPH      
CYR, M       Married 1946       PARE, ARTHUR       in
CYR, M       Married 1828       REMILLARD, JOBAN
CYR, M       Married 1823       ROUSSIN, AMBROISE
CYR, M       Married 1955       SEVERSIKE, CARROLL
CYR, M ANNE       Married 1746       ARSENAULT, FRANCOIS
CYR, M ANNE       Married 1730       CORMIER, FRANCOIS
CYR, M ANNE       Married 1886       HARVEY, GREGOIRE
CYR, M ANNE       Married 1920       MÉNARD, ALBERT
CYR, M LOUISE       Married 1919       HETU, WILDO
CYR, M MATHILDA       Married 1914       PLOURDE, HENRY
CYR, M MATHILDA       Married 1871       SIROIS, JOHN
CYR, M ROSE       Married 1764       LANDRY, SIMON JOSEPH
CYR, M ROSE       Married 1828       TURBIDE, DOMINIQUE
CYR, M TIRZA       Married 1929       PAULIN, LAZARE
CYR, M URSULE       Married 1791       HURTUBISE, PIERRE
CYR, M YVONNE       Married 1906       HETU, JAMMY

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