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CYR, LÉDIA       Married 1893       BOISCLAIR, ERNEST
CYR, LÉO       Married 1947       CYR, DOLORES      
CYR, LÉO       Married 1925       LAMB, VIOLET      
CYR, LÉO       Married 1941       MCCORMICK, KATHERINE
CYR, LÉOCADE       Married 1857       PARADIS, OCTAVE
CYR, LÉOCADIE       Married 1860       ALBERT, DAVID
CYR, LÉON       Married 1933       BUJOLD, ALPHÉDA
CYR, LÉON       Married 1930       CYR, YVONNE
CYR, LÉONA       Married 1914       MERCURE, JOSEPH
CYR, LÉONA       Married 1903       SOUCY, PIERRY
CYR, LÉONARD       Married 1910       JACQUES, ANGELE
CYR, LÉONARD       Married 1920       LEJEUNE, DELPHINE
CYR, LÉONARD       Married 1903       MADORE, LUCIE
CYR, LÉONARD       Married 1907       ROSSIGNOL, DELIMA
CYR, LÉONI       Married 1895       GAUDET, CONSTANCE
CYR, LÉONIE       Married 1894       BOURGOUIN, DENIS
CYR, LÉONIE       Married 1884       FOURNIER, MICHEL
CYR, LÉONIE       Married 1884       FOURNIER, MICHEL SONNY
CYR, LÉONIE       Married 1882       FRASER, WILLIAM
CYR, LÉOPOLD       Married 1957       VACHON, GHISLAINE
CYR, LÉVITE       Married 1896       BEAULIEU, EMMA
CYR, LÉVITE       Married 1894       CHOUINARD, MARIE
CYR, LÉVITE       Married 1909       CYR, FLAVIE

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