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CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1942       HANSCOM, CARROLL
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1941       KNIGHT, VERNON
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1937       LAFLAMME, AUGUSTE
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1963       MAILHOT, GERARD
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1946       RAYMOND, LEO
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1948       RAYMOND, LEO
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1946       RAYMOND, LÉO
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1959       TOSCHI, PETER
CYR, LUCY       Married 1983       COTE, ANDREW      
CYR, LUCY       Married 1921       CYR, JOHN       in
CYR, LUCY       Married 1914       DAIGLE, JOHN      
CYR, LUCY       Married 1923       DAIGLE, LEONARD
CYR, LUCY       Married 1915       SHORTMON, PAUL
CYR, LUCY       Married 1882       THERRIEN, ABNER
CYR, LUCY       Married 1922       WILLETTE, JOSEPH
CYR, LUDGER       Married 1925       CARON, FLORENCE
CYR, LUDGER       Married 1910       DELAWARE, GERTRUDE
CYR, LUDGER       Married 1927       GODBOUT, LILLIAN
CYR, LUDGER       Married 1950       GODBOUT, LILLIAN
CYR, LUDGER       Married 1942       HEAL, EMILY
CYR, LUDGER       Married 1951       JACKSON, THERESA
CYR, LUDGER       Married 1942       LATULIPPE, EMILY
CYR, LUDGER       Married 1941       LEVESQUE, SADIE

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