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CYR, LUCIE       Married 1816       MARTIN, CHRYSOSTOME
CYR, LUCIE       Married 1964       MARTIN, PAUL
CYR, LUCIE       Married 1912       PARENT, JEAN
CYR, LUCIE       Married 1912       PARENT, JOHN
CYR, LUCIE       Married 1938       PRÂEVOST, JOSEPH
CYR, LUCIE       Married 1938       PRÉVOST, JOSEPH
CYR, LUCIEN       Married 1948       CARON, CECILE
CYR, LUCIEN       Married 1935       DESMOND, JEANETTE
CYR, LUCIEN       Married 1935       DIXON, LAURA
CYR, LUCIEN       Married 1965       HAMILTON, LORETTA
CYR, LUCIEN       Married 1952       LAVOIE, NOELLA
CYR, LUCIEN       Married 1933       LEMIEUX, SIMONE
CYR, LUCIEN       Married 1947       NADEAU, CLEMENCE
CYR, LUCIEN       Married 1942       OLIVER, LOUISE
CYR, LUCIEN       Married 1977       WESTMAN, ANNA
CYR, LUCIENNE       Married 1945       AREL, CHARLES
CYR, LUCIENNE       Married 1935       BONIN, JOSEPH
CYR, LUCIENNE       Married 1946       MICHAUD, LUCIEN
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1940       BELLEFLEUR, ADRIAN
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1957       BOIS, JR      
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1949       BOUNATSOS, GEORGE
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1942       FRANCOEUR, NORMAND
CYR, LUCILLE       Married 1938       GLOW, EVERETT

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