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CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1965       COUTURIER, CONRAD
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1953       DUPONT, JAMES
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1962       GREENE, RALPH
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1949       GULLIFER, LAWRENCE
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1985       KNOX, LEON
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1950       LABIN, JOSEPH
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1946       MICHAUD, NORMAND
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1964       POMERLEAU, CONRAD
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1961       STAUNTON, MICHAEL
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1985       STEVENS, WILLIAM
CYR, LOSEPH       Married 1884       POIRIER, CATHERINE
CYR, LOTTIE       Married 1953       BOUCHARD, JR
CYR, LOTTIE       Married 1911       JACOBS, HARRY
CYR, LOU       Married 1983       LEBEL, ALFRED      
CYR, LOUELLA       Married 1982       HENDERSON, STANLEY
CYR, LOUIS       Married 1912       AYOTTE, ANTOINETTE
CYR, LOUIS       Married 1987       BEAULIEU, KIMBERLY
CYR, LOUIS       Married 1948       BELLEFLEUR, ALPHONSIME
CYR, LOUIS       Married 1846       BOISCLAIR, EMILIE
CYR, LOUIS       Married 1862       BONNEVILLE, ADELE
CYR, LOUIS       Married 1862       BONNEVILLE, ADÁELE
CYR, LOUIS       Married 1862       BONNEVILLE, ADÈLE
CYR, LOUIS       Married 1926       BOSSE, ANNA      
CYR, LOUIS       Married 1926       BOSSE', ANNA

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