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CYR, LLOYD       Married 1953       HAMMOND, GERALDINE
CYR, LLOYD       Married 1986       SUTTON, MICHELLE
CYR, LOANNA       Married 1919       CYR, ABEL      
CYR, LODIE       Married 1883       DERUSHIA, CHARLES
CYR, LOIS       Married 1953       MCAVOY, PATRICK
CYR, LON       Married 1992       SAUCIER, DE'ANGELA
CYR, LOREEN       Married 1964       PERREAULT, LOUIS
CYR, LORENA       Married 1978       NORSWORTHY, TIMOTHY
CYR, LORENZO       Married 1961       BEAUCAGE, DORA
CYR, LORETA       Married 1977       BAKER, RAYMOND
CYR, LORETTA       Married 1953       BENNETT, FRANCIS
CYR, LORETTA       Married 1935       BROOKS, LEON
CYR, LORETTA       Married 1923       MARTIN, FELIX
CYR, LORETTA       Married 1944       WILLIAMS, ARNOLD
CYR, LORETTE       Married 1950       COTE, NELSON
CYR, LORETTE       Married 1945       PELLETIER, LUC
CYR, LORI       Married 1980       ANTZ, EDWIN      
CYR, LORI       Married 1982       BAILLARGEON, WILLIAM
CYR, LORNA       Married 1935       CHARTIER, CLAYTON
CYR, LORNA       Married 1955       ZENGER, WENDEL
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1956       BARFIELD, RAYMOND
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1983       BEAULIEU, LEONARD
CYR, LORRAINE       Married 1951       BEGIN, LEO

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