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CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1901       CHARRON, LÉA
CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1904       CORMIER, FLORE
CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1926       DOYON, CARMEN
CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1890       SIROIS, FELONISE
CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1890       SIROIS, FÉLONISE
CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1960       SIROIS, MARION
CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1890       SIROIS, PHILONISE
CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1863       SPRIMONT, CAROLINE
CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1864       UNKNOWN, CAROLINE
CYR, FERDINAND       Married 1929       YOUNG, LOUISE
CYR, FERN       Married 1983       BUSH, STEPHEN
CYR, FERN       Married 1923       CHAPUT, ALBERT
CYR, FERN       Married 1979       SCOTT, ROBYN      
CYR, FERNAND       Married 1962       ALBERT, CLAUDETTE
CYR, FERNAND       Married 1965       BOUTOT, MILDRED
CYR, FERNAND       Married 1965       BOUTOTE, MILDRED
CYR, FERNAND       Married 1960       CLAVETTE, CECILIA
CYR, FERNAND       Married 1962       FOURNIER, ANNE
CYR, FERNAND       Married 1961       PELLETIER, CECILE
CYR, FERNAND       Married 1995       ST, PIERRE
CYR, FERNAND       Married 1961       THIBAULT, ROWENA
CYR, FERNANDE       Married 1981       DAIGLE, ALCIDE
CYR, FERNANDE       Married 1946       INGALLS, ROBERT

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