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CYR, EVAUSTE       Married 1930       RUEST, MARIE
CYR, EVELINE       Married 1911       BEAULIEU, ELZEAR
CYR, EVELINE       Married 1911       BEAULIEU, HONORE
CYR, EVELINE       Married 1907       MARTIN, VITAL
CYR, EVELINE       Married 1936       ROY, LEON
CYR, EVELINE       Married 1917       SOUCY, ALEX
CYR, EVELYN       Married 1938       BENWELL, EDWARD
CYR, EVELYN       Married 1952       COOK, BURTON
CYR, EVELYN       Married 1942       CYR, LEO      
CYR, EVELYN       Married 1960       DRAKE, AUDBUR
CYR, EVELYN       Married 1966       EHRENFRIED, DAVID
CYR, EVELYN       Married 1937       LARSON, HAROLD
CYR, EVELYN       Married 1965       SMULL, EARL
CYR, EVELYN       Married 1938       TRIAL, ARMAND
CYR, EVELYNE       Married 1917       SOUCY, ALEXANDRE
CYR, EVERETT       Married 1938       KINNEY, GRAYCE
CYR, EXCELINE       Married 1895       LAVIGNE, LOUIS
CYR, EXCELINE       Married 1895       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, EXILDA       Married 1903       BERGERON, GEORGES HENRI
CYR, EXILDA       Married 1909       HILL, WILLIAM
CYR, EXILDA       Married 1893       JOMPHE, ANTOINE
CYR, EXILIA       Married 1900       GOUIN, ONÉSIME
CYR, EXILIA       Married 1935       LEBLANC, WILLIE
CYR, EXON       Married 1861       GERVAIS, PHILOMEN

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