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CYR, LEONA       Married 1925       SAMSON, DONAT
CYR, LEONA       Married 1903       SOUCY, PETER
CYR, LEONA       Married 1903       SOUCY, PIERRE
CYR, LEONA       Married 1909       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1910       CURRIER, DELLA
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1946       CYR, MARIE
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1954       CYR, RITA      
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1910       JACQUES, ANGELE
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1920       LEJEUNE, DELPHINE
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1903       MADORE, LUCIE
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1903       MADORE, LUCY
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1907       ROSSIGNOL, DELIMA
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1908       SAVAGE, HELEN
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1929       SOUCIER, IRENE
CYR, LEONARD       Married 1940       UNKNOWN, DORIS
CYR, LEONEL       Married 1947       KITTREDGE, MURIEL
CYR, LEONEL       Married 1947       NELSON, MURIEL
CYR, LEONETTE       Married 1944       SHAW, ARNOLD
CYR, LEONIDA       Married 1942       PELLETIER, ALPHIE
CYR, LEONIDAS       Married 1969       LEPAGE, FRANCOIS
CYR, LEONIDE       Married 1928       BRUNETTE, LEOPOLD
CYR, LEONIDE       Married 1935       COULOMBE, JEANNE
CYR, LEONIE       Married 1909       ALBERT, HONORE
CYR, LEONIE       Married 1924       ALBERT, LEVITE

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