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CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1934       MICHAUD, ONEIL
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1927       PELLETIER, HENRY
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1938       PETRIE, ROLAND
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1932       PRENTISS, LEWIS
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1926       SPEARIN, CLARENCE
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1941       TRUDEL, CYRIAC
CYR, LILLIE       Married 1914       TERRELL, CHESTER
CYR, LINA       Married 1894       MICHAUD, ALBERT
CYR, LINA       Married 1906       THERIAULT, PHYDIME
CYR, LINDA       Married 1983       BEALE, GEORGE
CYR, LINDA       Married 1977       BLANCHETTE, DAVID
CYR, LINDA       Married 1996       COFFMAN, MARK
CYR, LINDA       Married 1964       CRAWFORD, WILLIAM
CYR, LINDA       Married 1990       CYR, MARK
CYR, LINDA       Married 1983       DEROSIER, DENNIS
CYR, LINDA       Married 1985       FRAIR, LESLIE
CYR, LINDA       Married 1991       GIROUX, MICHEL
CYR, LINDA       Married 1965       HERSEY, RICK
CYR, LINDA       Married 1988       MACKIN, CARROLL
CYR, LINDA       Married 1964       SIROIS, GARY
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1966       BEAULIEU, NORMA
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1929       CHARTIER, ALINE
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1963       CROTEAU, THERESE
CYR, LIONEL       Married 1931       CYR, MARGUERITE

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