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CYR, LEWIS       Married 1925       CONROY, JENNIE
CYR, LEWIS       Married 1942       CROTEAU, LILLIAN
CYR, LEWIS       Married 1919       DEMERCHANT, ISABELLE
CYR, LEWIS       Married 1925       FOURNIER, JENNIE
CYR, LEWIS       Married 1931       GRINDELL, ANNIE
CYR, LEWIS       Married 1952       LEAVITT, VIOLET
CYR, LEWIS       Married 1921       LINNELL, MARGARET
CYR, LEWIS       Married 1934       MADORE, JEANNETTE
CYR, LEWIS       Married 1959       MURPHY, FLORA
CYR, LEWLLYN       Married 1985       OUELLETTE, MARY
CYR, LEZIME       Married 1905       BERNIER, DEMERISE
CYR, LILIANE       Married 1954       DAIGLE, HERVE
CYR, LILIANNE       Married 1928       THERIAULT, ADELAME
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1956       ALLEN, CHARLES
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1960       CLAVETTE, PATRICK
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1944       CUNNINGHAM, CLARENCE
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1941       DUGUAY, DONALD
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1955       GRIVOIS, GERARD
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1946       HATCH, FLOYD
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1921       LAVERDIERE, EVARISTE
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1939       LEFRANCE, JOSEPH
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1926       MANSON, RALPH
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1933       MANSON, RALPH
CYR, LILLIAN       Married 1921       MATTALL, EUGENE

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