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CYR, LEONIE       Married 1899       LEVESQUE, LEVIT
CYR, LEONIE       Married 1900       LEVESQUE, LEVIT
CYR, LEONIE       Married 1917       MARTIN, VITAL
CYR, LEONIE       Married 1890       MICHAUD, ONEZIME
CYR, LEONIE       Married 1902       VIOLETTE, HASEA
CYR, LEONIE       Married 1900       VIOLETTE, ONEZIME
CYR, LEONISE       Married 1921       LONG, LIGOURI
CYR, LEONTINE       Married 1945       BERNIER, LUDGER
CYR, LEONTINE       Married 1932       LEVASSEUR, DENIS
CYR, LEOPOLD       Married 1927       AYOTTE, ALICE
CYR, LEOPOLD       Married 1936       ST JEAN, LEONA
CYR, LESLIE       Married 1986       STONE, FRANK
CYR, LESTER       Married 1994       BOUCHARD, ANGELA
CYR, LEVETE       Married 1933       CARON, ANTONIA
CYR, LEVI       Married 1919       LEZOTE, MARY      
CYR, LEVI       Married 1924       RUSSELLE, DELIA
CYR, LEVI       Married 1909       TUCKERMAN, RUTH
CYR, LEVI       Married 1910       TUCKERMAN, RUTH
CYR, LEVILE       Married 1894       CHOUINARD, MARIE
CYR, LEVILE       Married 1898       MARTIN, ELEONORE
CYR, LEVINA       Married 1928       MARIN, JR      
CYR, LEVITE       Married 1896       BEAULIEU, EMMA
CYR, LEVITE       Married 1894       CHOUINARD, MARIE
CYR, LEVITE       Married 1904       CLAVET, HELENE

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