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CYR, JULIE       Married 1900       POITRAS, CYRILLE
CYR, JULIE       Married 1881       RUEST, ONESIME
CYR, JULIE       Married 1899       SIROIS, JEAN
CYR, JULIE       Married 1907       SOUCY, BENOIT
CYR, JULIE       Married 1860       SOUCY, MICHEL
CYR, JULIE       Married 1899       THIBODEAU, JEAN
CYR, JULIE LUCIE       Married 1856       DAIGLE, VITAL
CYR, JULIEN       Married 1718       BOURG, MARGUERITE
CYR, JULIENNE       Married 1859       BERNIER, EDOUARD
CYR, JULIENNE       Married 1862       BOIVIN, JULIEN
CYR, JULIENNE       Married 1866       CADIEUX, ISIDORE
CYR, JULIENNE       Married 1940       DAIGLE, JOSEPH
CYR, JULIENNE       Married 1858       DESJARDINS, ANTOINE
CYR, JULIENNE       Married 1830       MICHAUD, ANDRE
CYR, JULIENNE       Married 1830       MICHAUD, ANDRÉ
CYR, JULIETTE       Married 1946       LOUBERT, JOSEPH
CYR, JULIETTE       Married 1946       PROULX, MAURICE
CYR, JULIETTE       Married 1952       RICHARDSON, PHILIP
CYR, JUNE       Married 1986       POOLEY, PHILIP
CYR, JUSTIN       Married 1882       ST PIERRE, PHILIAS
CYR, JUSTINE       Married 1888       DERASPE, JEAN NARCISSE
CYR, JUSTINE       Married 1882       ST PIERRE, PHILIAS
CYR, JÉROME       Married 1883       SOUCY, EUPHEMIE
CYR, JÉRÔME       Married 1883       SOUCY, EUPHÉMIE

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