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CYR, JUDY       Married 1995       CHAMBERLAND, RONALD
CYR, JUDY       Married 1971       CYR, DAVID
CYR, JUDY       Married 1974       CYR, JOHN
CYR, JUDY       Married 1963       CYR, ROBERT      
CYR, JULES       Married 1886       MARTIN, HELENE
CYR, JULI       Married 1905       LEVASSEUR, BENOIT
CYR, JULIA       Married 1936       BATES, RODNEY
CYR, JULIA       Married 1899       BEAULIEU, MAXIM
CYR, JULIA       Married 1899       BEAULIEU, MAXIME
CYR, JULIA       Married 1949       DUBAY, LEONEL
CYR, JULIA       Married 1897       KETCHUM, WILLIE
CYR, JULIA       Married 1946       LIZOTTE, BENJAMIN
CYR, JULIA       Married 1902       MARZOREL, JOSEPH
CYR, JULIA       Married 1923       NADEAU, GEORGE
CYR, JULIA       Married 1908       PINARD, TREFFLE
CYR, JULIA       Married 1900       POITRAS, CYRILLE
CYR, JULIAN       Married 1718       BOURG, MARGUERITE
CYR, JULIE       Married 1843       ALBERT, RAPHAEL
CYR, JULIE       Married 1878       ALBERT, VITAL
CYR, JULIE       Married 1844       BOULAY, PIERRE
CYR, JULIE       Married 1844       BOULE, PIERRE
CYR, JULIE       Married 1844       BOULÉ, PIERRE
CYR, JULIE       Married 1895       CLAIR, JOHN
CYR, JULIE       Married 1884       CYR, JOSEPH      

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