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CYR, KENNETH       Married 1995       MICHAUD, KARIE
CYR, KENNETH       Married 1986       RADCLIFF, ANNETTE
CYR, KENNETH       Married 1987       THOMAS, MARY
CYR, KENNETH       Married 1991       TURNER, LISA
CYR, KERRY       Married 1987       CORRIVEAU, TAMMY
CYR, KEVIN       Married 1983       CLAVETTE, LISA
CYR, KEVIN       Married 1980       EVANS, JOANNE
CYR, KEVIN       Married 1994       MARTIN, GAIL
CYR, KEVIN       Married 1985       PHILLIPS, DAWN
CYR, KEVIN       Married 1988       SPRAGUE, DAWNA
CYR, KIM       Married 1980       BLOUIN, MELANIE
CYR, KIM       Married 1989       CLAVETTE, EUGENE
CYR, KIM       Married 1995       CYR, MATTHEW      
CYR, KIM       Married 1981       MERRY, GREGORY
CYR, KIMBERLEY       Married 1980       LARSEN, PAUL
CYR, KIMBERLY       Married 2000       CARROLL, DANIEL
CYR, KIRK       Married 1991       WHITE, JODY      
CYR, KRISTEL       Married 1994       MONROE, PAUL
CYR, KRISTINE       Married 1998       NALL, RONNY
CYR, LANCE       Married 1988       NADEAU, DONNA
CYR, LARRY       Married 1982       DARVEAU, PATRICIA
CYR, LARRY       Married 1980       HARDY, JENNIFER
CYR, LARRY       Married 1983       OUELLETTE, APRIL
CYR, LARRY       Married 1965       THIBODEAU, MARIE

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