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CYR, JOYCE       Married 1979       CUNNINGHAM, KRIS
CYR, JOYCE       Married 1977       CYR, WILFRED
CYR, JOYCE       Married 1982       GAGNON, PHILIP
CYR, JOYIME       Married 1927       LEVESQUE, CECILE
CYR, JR       Married 1949       BOUCHARD, PEARL
CYR, JR       Married 1952       DOUCETTE, ELIZABETH
CYR, JR       Married 1956       DOWNING, NANCY      
CYR, JR       Married 1952       GAGNON, LUCILLE
CYR, JR       Married 1899       GARDNER, CHRISTINE
CYR, JR       Married 1892       LANDRY, AGNIS      
CYR, JR       Married 1905       LATNO, MARY       in
CYR, JR       Married 1947       LESPERANCE, BARBARA
CYR, JR       Married 1953       MORRISON, JOYCE
CYR, JR       Married 1945       PROCTOR, BERNICE
CYR, JR       Married 1943       ROBITAILLE, GILBERT
CYR, JR       Married 1949       WAUGH, LORRAINE
CYR, JUANITA       Married 1949       RYAN, JAMES
CYR, JUDE       Married 1921       FORTIN, HELEN
CYR, JUDITH       Married 1841       CAISSY, ABRAHAM
CYR, JUDITH       Married 1835       CYR, DAVID      
CYR, JUDITH       Married 1886       DENIS, JACQUES AIME
CYR, JUDITH       Married 1992       GALLANT, STEPHEN
CYR, JUDITH       Married 1792       GUYON, LOUIS
CYR, JUDITH       Married 1813       LEVASSEUR, STANISLAS

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