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CYR, DÉLIMA       Married 1866       LEHOUX, JEAN
CYR, DÉLIMA       Married 1919       MARTIN, ADOLPHE
CYR, DÉLIMA       Married 1891       ROY, JOSEPH
CYR, DÉLINA       Married 1907       LEVASSEUR, OSCAR
CYR, DÉLINA       Married 1919       NADEAU, HECTOR
CYR, DÉLINA       Married 1918       RINGUETTE, GEORGES
CYR, DÉLINA_DÉLIMA       Married 1876       GOUIN, ANTOINE
CYR, EARL       Married 1937       DUBAY, DONALDOR
CYR, EDDIE       Married 1934       AYOTTE, ROSE
CYR, EDDIE       Married 1945       GOGAN, MARY      
CYR, EDDIE       Married 1949       GRINNELL, RUTH
CYR, EDDIE       Married 1945       LAPLANTE, MARY
CYR, EDDIE       Married 1922       LEGASSEY, CLARA
CYR, EDDIE       Married 1910       SMITH, LILLIE
CYR, EDDIE       Married 1984       TOOTHAKER, LISA
CYR, EDDY       Married 1914       DOUCETTE, EMMA
CYR, EDDY       Married 1912       PARENT, CHRISTIE
CYR, EDGAR       Married 1940       ALLARD, CECILE
CYR, EDGAR       Married 1931       BOUCHARD, BLANCHE
CYR, EDGAR       Married 1911       COLE, ANNIE      
CYR, EDGAR       Married 1911       COLE, NANCY      
CYR, EDGAR       Married 1949       CORDEAU, RUTH
CYR, EDGAR       Married 1935       DUMONT, CECILE

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