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CYR, DOROTHÉE       Married 1879       CORMIN, REMI
CYR, DOROTHÉE       Married 1908       NADEAU, DAVID
CYR, DOSITHEE       Married 1847       CYR, MICHEL
CYR, DOSITHEE       Married 1897       VIOLETTE, FLEURANT
CYR, DOSITHÉE       Married 1881       CYR, HILAIRE
CYR, DOUCETTE       Married 1931       WILSON, WILLIAM
CYR, DOUGLAS       Married 1984       ALBERT, ELIZABETH
CYR, DOUGLAS       Married 1996       COREY, ANNE
CYR, DOUGLAS       Married 1990       LEARNARD, DEBRA
CYR, DOUGLAS       Married 1992       NORTHWOOD, PAULINE
CYR, DOUGLAS       Married 1990       SHAW, KAREN
CYR, DOUGLAS       Married 1977       TALLEY, SABRINA
CYR, DOUGLAS       Married 1979       YORK, JANET
CYR, DUANE       Married 1966       LABRIE, REJEANNE
CYR, DUANE       Married 1995       NICHOLS, ALISSA
CYR, DUKESHIRE       Married 1930       PRICE, EDAN
CYR, DUSTIN       Married 1907       HUNT, GRACE
CYR, DYDIME       Married 1838       DAIGLE, ELEONORE
CYR, DÉLIA       Married 1906       ALBERT, ANTOINE
CYR, DÉLIA       Married 1916       DIONNE, GEORGES
CYR, DÉLIA       Married 1927       LEVEILLEE, HOMERILDE
CYR, DÉLIA       Married 1927       LÉVEILLÉE, HOMÉRILD
CYR, DÉLIMA       Married 1876       GOUIN, ANTOINE

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