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CYR, DONAT       Married 1958       PEPIN, GABRIELLE
CYR, DONAT       Married 1927       SIROIS, EVA      
CYR, DONAT       Married 1928       ST AMAND, EVA
CYR, DONAT       Married 1917       ST AMAND, YVONNE
CYR, DONETTA       Married 1936       GRANT, ROY
CYR, DONNA       Married 1986       CARLIN, ROY      
CYR, DONNA       Married 1960       CYR, DAVID      
CYR, DONNA       Married 1995       SELFRIDGE, WAYNE
CYR, DONNA       Married 1963       SHANNON, ELWOOD
CYR, DONNA       Married 1984       TIPTON, RICHARD
CYR, DONNA       Married 1957       WADLEIGH, LEITH
CYR, DORA       Married 1918       BISHOP, THOMAS
CYR, DORA       Married 1943       DANFORTH, RAY
CYR, DORA       Married 1952       GILMAN, HORACE
CYR, DORA       Married 1936       PARADIS, HERBY
CYR, DORA       Married 1979       WILLIAMSON, JOHN
CYR, DOREEN       Married 1982       BROCHU, MICHAEL
CYR, DORIA       Married 1993       VIOLETTE, NELSON
CYR, DORICE       Married 1951       CORMIER, LOUISE
CYR, DORICE       Married 1951       COTE, LOUISE
CYR, DORIMENE       Married 1870       NADEAU, BELONE
CYR, DORIMENE       Married 1870       NADEAU, BELONI
CYR, DORIMENE       Married 1862       SOUCY, GEORGE
CYR, DORIMENE       Married 1862       SOUCY, GEORGES

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