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CYR, DONALD       Married 1981       GUZMAN, MARIA
CYR, DONALD       Married 1966       LABONTE, DOLORES
CYR, DONALD       Married 1959       MARTIN, MARIETTA
CYR, DONALD       Married 1977       MORIN, LEOLA
CYR, DONALD       Married 1955       PLOURDE, JUANITA
CYR, DONALD       Married 1993       ROBINSON, LOTTIE
CYR, DONALD       Married 1933       RONDEAU, SONIA
CYR, DONALD       Married 1960       SPEARIN, MARJORIE
CYR, DONALD       Married 1964       SPRINGER, DONNA
CYR, DONALDA       Married 1927       GOYETTE, HENRI
CYR, DONALDA       Married 1907       LANGEVIN, OSCAR
CYR, DONALDINE       Married 1954       BOWMAN, TULLY
CYR, DONAT       Married 1948       ALBERT, PAULINE
CYR, DONAT       Married 1932       DOUCETTE, OLIVE
CYR, DONAT       Married 1920       DUMOND, AGNES
CYR, DONAT       Married 1897       DUMONT GUERETTE, AURELIE
CYR, DONAT       Married 1915       EMOND, EMELIE
CYR, DONAT       Married 1915       EMOND, EMILY
CYR, DONAT       Married 1929       GAUVIN, MARIE
CYR, DONAT       Married 1897       GUERETTE, AURELIE
CYR, DONAT       Married 1924       LEVESQUE, ALMA
CYR, DONAT       Married 1936       MICHAUD, JOSEPHINE
CYR, DONAT       Married 1936       MICHAUD, MARIE
CYR, DONAT       Married 1977       PELLETIER, DEBRA

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