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CYR, DIANE       Married 1956       BECHARD, JULIAN
CYR, DIANE       Married 1987       BOURASSA, CLIFFORD
CYR, DIANE       Married 1986       DESCHESNE, JOHN
CYR, DIANE       Married 1984       FARRELL, BRIAN
CYR, DIANE       Married 1982       GOLDSTEIN, MARK
CYR, DIANE       Married 1979       GUERRETTE, MICHAEL
CYR, DIANE       Married 1977       HEBERT, JOHN
CYR, DIANE       Married 1953       HILTON, EDWARD
CYR, DIANE       Married 1982       JAMES, ROBERT
CYR, DIANE       Married 1970       LAPORTE, GUY
CYR, DIANE       Married 1990       LONG, DAVID      
CYR, DIANE       Married 1990       PELLETIER, GLENN
CYR, DIANNE       Married 1980       CYR, JAMES      
CYR, DIANNE       Married 1981       TAPLEY, WALLACE
CYR, DIDIER       Married 1897       LANGLAIS, ALMA
CYR, DIDIER       Married 1897       LANGLOIS, ALMA
CYR, DIDIER       Married 1897       LANGLOIS, ERNA
CYR, DIDIER       Married 1872       LEBEL, SOPHIE
CYR, DIDIER       Married 1870       RACINE, JULIE
CYR, DIEUDONNE       Married 1899       BEAUDET, ALBERTINE
CYR, DILINA       Married 1892       CORMIER, FLORENT
CYR, DINOS       Married 1892       VIOLETTE, ISAAC
CYR, DIOGENE       Married 1938       ROY, LUCIENNE
CYR, DIT       Married 1854       ALLAIRE, LOUIS

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