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CYR, DAVID       Married 1965       STEVENS, DONNA
CYR, DAVID       Married 1965       TRUEWORTHY, ANNE
CYR, DAVID       Married 1793       UNKNOWN, MARTHE
CYR, DAVID       Married 1806       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, DAVID       Married 1964       WENTZEL, FAYE
CYR, DAVID       Married 1984       WHEATON, ELIZABETH
CYR, DAWN       Married 1984       FERNALD, THOMAS
CYR, DAWN       Married 1961       MCDOUGAL, PERLEY
CYR, DAWN       Married 1981       PINETTE, RICKY
CYR, DAYTON       Married 1946       LEE, ETHEL      
CYR, DE       Married 1818       PORLIER, MARIE MADELEINE
CYR, DE       Married 1797       QUESSY, MARIE      
CYR, DEAN       Married 1987       BUKOWSKI, ANN
CYR, DEAN       Married 1990       MULLANE, NAOMI
CYR, DEAN       Married 1987       ROY, BRENDA      
CYR, DEANNA       Married 1992       CAMPBELL, WAYNE
CYR, DEANNA       Married 1983       LEVASSEUR, DANIEL
CYR, DEANNE       Married 1955       SHEEHAN, CHARLES
CYR, DEBBIE       Married 1986       DIONNE, RICHARD
CYR, DEBORA       Married 1978       OUELLETTE, GERARD
CYR, DEBORAH       Married 1981       FERGUSON, JACK
CYR, DEBORAH       Married 1990       HAMPSON, KENNIE
CYR, DEBORAH       Married 1973       HARDINGER, FLOYD

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