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CYR, JOAN       Married 1947       LAPLANTE, GERARD
CYR, JOAN       Married 1954       LAVERTU, LUCIEN
CYR, JOAN       Married 1966       LEVESQUE, YVON
CYR, JOAN       Married 1984       NATHAN, DAVID
CYR, JOAN       Married 1960       RANCOURT, GERALD
CYR, JOAN       Married 1929       ROI, RONALDO      
CYR, JOAN       Married 1952       ROTHAUS, LLOYD
CYR, JOAN       Married 1956       SMITH, ANDREW
CYR, JOAN       Married 1930       ST, PIERRE      
CYR, JOAN       Married 1981       WHITING, MARK
CYR, JOANN       Married 1982       SALVESVOLD, JOHN
CYR, JOANNA       Married 1998       LANDON, MARKLE
CYR, JOANNE       Married 1963       COOK, CHARLES
CYR, JOANNE       Married 1978       ESTEY, GEORGE
CYR, JOANNE       Married 1984       GAGNE, DANIEL
CYR, JOEL       Married 1956       BERGERON, JEANNE
CYR, JOEL       Married 1963       CYR, NANCY      
CYR, JOEL       Married 1983       FREEMAN, CYNTHIA
CYR, JOEL       Married 1958       HUOT, REINETTE
CYR, JOELLA       Married 1958       LAMBERT, GERALD
CYR, JOH       Married 1987       HAINES, JANELLE
CYR, JOHANNE       Married 1986       BERUBE, ROBERTO
CYR, JOHHY       Married 1890       BARBE, URSULE
CYR, JOHN       Married 1899       ALBERT, AGNES

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