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CYR, JEFFREY       Married 1993       BARNES, KATIE
CYR, JEFFREY       Married 1993       CROMMETT, MISTI
CYR, JEFFREY       Married 1988       EON, SANDRA
CYR, JEFFREY       Married 1995       GOODWIN, SHERRI
CYR, JEFFREY       Married 1988       HONGO, BONNIE
CYR, JEFFREY       Married 1981       LIZOTTE, KATHLEEN
CYR, JEFFREY       Married 1980       PORTER, SUSAN
CYR, JEHAN       Married 1692       MELANSON, FRANCOISE
CYR, JEHAN       Married 1698       MELANSON, FRANCOISE
CYR, JENNIE       Married 1903       GAGNON, FRED
CYR, JENNIE       Married 1910       KINNEY, WAMAN
CYR, JENNIE       Married 1901       NADEAU, GEORGE
CYR, JENNIE       Married 1913       PELLETIER, ELI
CYR, JENNIFER       Married 1996       CYR, MICHAEL
CYR, JENNIFER       Married 1996       HANSON, JON
CYR, JEROME       Married 1882       ALBERT, JULIE
CYR, JEROME       Married 1982       CAVERHILL, TAMMY
CYR, JEROME       Married 1905       MARTIN, SOPHIE
CYR, JEROME       Married 1883       SOUCY, EUPHEMIE
CYR, JERRIANN       Married 1992       MORAN, RICHARD
CYR, JERRY       Married 1948       EARL, YVONNE
CYR, JERRY       Married 1909       ST, PETER      
CYR, JERRY       Married 1948       ST, PETER      
CYR, JESSE       Married 1990       FREITAS, TINA

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