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CYR, CLESTE       Married 1840       GUIMOND, CHARLES
CYR, CLIFFORD       Married 1982       BEAULIEU, NOELLA
CYR, CLIFFORD       Married 1992       CADORETTE, JULIE
CYR, CLIFFORD       Married 1957       DAIGLE, IRENE
CYR, CLIFFORD       Married 1978       DUMOND, SHIRLEY
CYR, CLIFFORD       Married 1993       MARQUIS, KATHY
CYR, CLIFFORD       Married 1952       PEASE, MYRTLE
CYR, CLIFFORD       Married 1993       ST, ONGE      
CYR, CLIFFORD       Married 1952       STANLEY, MYRTLE
CYR, CLIFFORD       Married 1954       WARD, VIRGINIA
CYR, CLIFTON       Married 1979       ST, ONGE      
CYR, CLINTON       Married 1930       PRICE, EDAN
CYR, CLIVE       Married 1919       ROY, FLORA      
CYR, CLODIA       Married 1914       GENDREAU, ALEXIS
CYR, CLORIDA       Married 1919       GUINDON, PAUL NOÉ
CYR, CLOTHILDE       Married 1852       CYR, PIERRE
CYR, CLOTHILDE       Married 1846       HARDY, THOMAS
CYR, CLOVIS       Married 1942       MARTIN, THERESE
CYR, CLYDE       Married 1950       HANSON, PHYLLIS
CYR, CLYDE       Married 1923       HITCHCOCK, LALEA
CYR, CLÂEOPHAS       Married 1928       GERVAIS, AURÂEA
CYR, CLÉMENCE       Married 1818       RÉGIMBALD, PIERRE
CYR, CLÉMENT       Married 1872       GRONDIN, CLÉMENTINE

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